For people who fly a drone (and / or make panoramas from the ground) and:

  1. They want to support the promotion of their city / region
  2. They want to learn how to make panoramas from a drone if they have not already done so
  3. They do not yet have their own recognizable brand and portfolio or already have a brand and want to expand their offer with new drone tools: incl. panoramic maps, virtual walks, aerial guides, 3D models from photos, orthophotomaps (RAWs are enough, we do the rest), as well as comprehensive solutions – websites with presentation of objects and services using photos and films from the drone, panoramic maps, etc. </ li >
  4. They need sales tools (e.g., guides make contacting customers easier)
  5. They have little experience in photo processing (or a lot of experience, but they lack the time) and it could use some help (we work with graphics / retouchers)
  6. They have clients who would like to offer more, both drone tools and other marketing tools using drone materials (websites, printing, etc.)
  7. </ OL>